A College Graduate Named Desire

I had an interesting talk with my mom today when we were on out way to the grocery store (yes, I still love going food shopping with my mom, it’s our thing and will always be our thing). She gave me some good advice, like she always does.  Her advice was to follow my desire.  Then I got to thinking about the word desire, which means a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. I don’t know why but that word, desire, stood out to me.

My mom has been wonderful through out this whole growing up experience.  She supported and guided as best she could during my college years.  When I started college four years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to study but my options were limited because my college had limited options. I ended up declaring my major during my freshman year and never looked back.  I declared English with a concentration in Creative Writing.  Why? What can I do with that? Do I want to teach?

Well, to start I declared English because I love to read, to analyze, and to write. Thats basically all you do as an English major and I loved it.  My college has a great English department with amazing and accomplished professors.  These professors demonstrated how much you can do with a passion for writing and reading.  I can do anything I want with my degree because I believe I have a good foundation to grow from.  For the third question, my grandmother taught and my dad taught, but I don’t think I have the teacher’s gene in me, but anything is possible…

Now, here I am at home with one job rejection under my belt and I still don’t regret my decision.  Why?  Because of the wise words of my mom.  She told me to study something I enjoy.  She also said with whatever I chose to do in life, as long as I like what I am doing then I will be happy in my life. She is a firm believer in money does not buy happiness.  She told me that no amount of money will make me like a job that I hate doing and that isn’t a desire of mine.  She said if I chose something I desired, then I would prosper and I did in college.

Now she is saying I will still prosper but it’s going to take time to grow another level onto my foundation.

My desire is to write, to communicate, and to touch people with my words. It is something that stood out strongly in my college’s English department, words are powerful and words can make a difference.

My desire is to write.  What is yours?

3 thoughts on “A College Graduate Named Desire

  1. Same as yours! Hope you will spend some time looking through my blog and comment if you like my posts.
    I look forward to following yours to learn about what life brings you. : )
    Sounds like you have an amazing family.

  2. Also to write. I’m somewhere in the middle of writing my first book. Tentatively it’s entitled “The ABCs of Love: Healing the Violence of Modern Society.” It’s based on a concept of wholeness that came gradually into my awareness as I studied a wide range of topics related to healthy and unhealthy relationships. Touching our hearts! That’s what a healer does. By communicating heart to heart we are encouraging each of us to emerge beyond the emotional denial of our ego’s orientation into the emotion-affirming and expressing orientation of love. In following your mother’s wisdom, you’ll grow into your own wisdom to contribute to the communal stone soup that is now mostly a thin broth. Bring forth your meaty contributions and organic veggies. Fear not that an idea homegrown is not worth sharing. You are already telling the story of your sound foundation, the soil from which all of your fruitfulness will spring. Thank you for sharing so generously from your heart!

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