There’s a Story in Her Eyes

Photos are amazing to have.  Everyone knows the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. I have recently been going through some old pictures of me and my friends from college and I can’t help but notice the eyes.  This might sound vain but I take special notice at my eyes.  I look at certain pictures and can remember all the moments that led up to that picture and that followed after that picture and how I felt during all of those moments.

There is this one photo of all of the girls I was living with.  We had returned from summer and it was our first weekend out.  We all looked so happy.  In every single one of my friends’ eyes I could see the genuine happiness in their eyes.  It is as if all of our smiles were so large that the corners of our lips were able to touch our eyes and make them pop that much more. It is one of the pictures we all have that make me smile to this day because we all look so genuinely happy.

The eyes are so expressive. The mouth could be saying one thing while the eyes are saying something else.  I always trust the eyes, as many others do. There are some photos where my smile reaches my eyes and I remember being genuinely happy.  Then there are other photos where my smile does not reach my eyes.  My smile stops at my cheeks and my eyes are not as bright. I can look back at those photos and remember why I was not genuinely happy during that moment in my life. It can ruin the picture, but then I remind myself that whatever that moment was, I overcame it, moved on from it, and became the person I am today, typing this blog.

It’s wonderful to be genuinely happy all the time, but without the bumps and hills and cliffs in the road, then I wouldn’t have a story to tell, I wouldn’t have learned what I have learned today, and most importantly I wouldn’t be who I am today without the bumps and hills and cliffs (especially the cliffs) in my road.

All in all what I have learned to this day from looking back at photos is I can not depend on other people for my happiness and my confidence.  Those two emotions have to purely come from me and it is something I have to work on everyday and I know I am not alone in that journey.

Happiness does come at a cost, and if that cost is my journey in life, then I will take it and never look back.

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