Hanging Out

the simplicity of hanging out
the simplicity of hanging out

The memories of my past are fading. Some are fading faster than others. Some won’t fade and I don’t know if they ever will.

I remember feeling a certain way towards certain people. I remember those feelings but does that mean I still have those feelings? No. I don’t think I do. But, I have to ask, what happens to those feelings I once had for someone? What happened to the care I once had for someone? I still care about these certain people but it isn’t the same. Once talking constantly has turned into never talking. Why?

Any kind of relationship: romantic or friendly involves some effort. When is it time to stop giving in the effort? When is it time to stop caring because that person obviously doesn’t give a shit about what is going on in your life? I still care there. I care for all of my friends. Maybe there is so much going on in both of our lives that it is hard to put in some effort.  It’s not like we are back at college and can hangout whenever we want.

I guess I just miss that simplicity of hanging out again. I miss talking, smiling, laughing, and crying with them. As great as technology is, it is not the same as being with my friends in person, together again.

One thought on “Hanging Out

  1. I had a good friend that was replaced by my best friend a couple years ago… Once I distanced myself and let him know why I am sure to the kind of people we hung out with he understand and agreed with me… But he kept hanging out with them. Never once did I say he couldn’t or shouldn’t hang out with them! At any rate, as time went pass, little by little he stopped taking to me or inviting me out until I said ok we aren’t friends anymore. He pleaded with me and then we came to a consensus that we both were wrong… Then it went back to us not speaking. Skip forward to 2014 his mom died and he sought me out and I helped carry his mom out and was their for him… Now we are back to not speaking again because he doesn’t talk to me at all… I’m having a dilemma of whether to just cut his number out my phone and him out my life lol

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