Little Masher


It’s been a while.  In more ways than one.

Masher: slang for lover, womanizer. A bad boy.

Bad boys are wonderful.

Bad boys are trouble.

Bad boys are bad boys.

Except, bad boys have a little, tiny piece of good in them.  Something a girl saw in a split second but can last in her brain for moments to come. This split second good she saw is what she holds on to in her brain while she thinks things could be different.  While she thinks things could change.  He could change.

Change: make or become different.

But in all reality, this masher won’t change for her.  Someday he will change, but not now and not for her.

Everyone go through phases.  This phase is the bad boy phase.  A moment in time where moments shared are not equal to a relationship but equal is a time filler.

All in all, bad boys are experiences, not relationships at least for most girls.

Most girls learn that more times then not, when she plays with fire, she will get burned…

One thought on “Little Masher

  1. Are you writing autobiographically perhaps? If so, I salute you for seeing even in the bad boys the seed of the gentler, more responsible person who has not yet dared to emerge from behind his walls of pretense. Ego defenses some boys develop to ward off pain to which they have been exposed earlier in life can stifle the growth they would otherwise experience. Yes, it’s true that a person does not change for another person. Yet a bad boy may have a chance to grow on account of encountering love offered by another person without conditions. Unconditional love says “I believe in your inner being’s capacity to emerge as an expression of love. Dare to believe in yourself in the same way.” That is why love is patient as well as faithful. We need not expose ourselves to harm when we explore the possibility of relationships. Sometimes patience means letting go of one opportunity in order to explore other ones beyond it on terms different from the previous exploration. Being faithful to oneself can mean letting go of a relationship that is not healthy. Into every open heart wisdom freely flows. May wisdom and love flow freely into and through yours to continue to bless the world.

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