Bio: I just graduated college. Trying to start my life. Post grad depression is real right now. I want to explore life and experience new things ( I think).

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  1. Hello, I appreciate how thoughtful you are about looking for answers to your dilemma. I believe you are articulating the quest of many young adults for a deeper understanding of life’s meaning, purpose and direction. Why are we here? How can we move forward towards the joy our hearts yearn to experience? Our joie de vivre arises from living according to our raison d’etre. Or so the fancy French phrases would say it. In my journey, I discovered somewhere amid a mid-life crisis in my mid-30’s (after some degree of success as an intellectual in academics and professional life) that I was here to be me, not a performer of roles and a meeter of other people’s expectations. Me! Having buried that self-concept deep beneath years of habitual pleasing authority figures and failed attempts to please peers, I did not know who I was. I did not know that intellectualism can be as numbing of the heart and prone to deny feelings as any other form of addiction. I did not even know of the possibility that there was a me other than the performing monkey. I grew tired of feeling disconnected and discontent in my shallow relationships. I wanted more! Yes, we are here to live a big dream, not the tiny life ego dictates out of fear. Live large as a lover of life! Live as if you are learning who you truly are and how to love yourself and never will entirely complete the curriculum — all as a prerequisite to sharing love with others as a lifelong learner graduating through one level to a more expansive level time after time — all at your own pace now. Explore the possibilities. Dare to believe in yourself and your inner guidance system as your heart leads you through adventure after adventure. And most of all, do not go alone or see yourself as unaccompanied. You are a good person in good company. My parents said they raised my siblings and me to be independent. That’s good as far as it goes. I also wish that they had raised us to appreciate being interdependent as loved ones within relationships that encouraged each of us to be authentically who we are. You are no one’s clone but that does not mean you are alone.

    1. Thank you for the word back! No one is ever alone in their journeys or in this world and that is what I want to portray. I want to help young people my age and society. That’s what writing meant to be, it is a channel to help others and to change things. Thank you for the kind words 🙂

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for the follow I appreciate it. Thankfully, it allowed me to look through some of your posts and I love it! I really enjoy how raw and open you are in your posts. The way you’re very honest with yourself and in your posts is super awesome. I hope to see more 🙂

    1. Thank you for the comment! I appreciate the kind words! I feel blogging is a time where we can be raw and open so we are heard. I want to help others and be able for others to relate to me and it sounds like I am doing that…thank you again! Look forward to reading your posts as well!

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